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~ BIO & CV ~


Aurora is a performer from north London, specialising in puppetry, movement and voice.


Aurora is an experienced puppeteer, having trained at the famous Little Angel Theatre and working in various forms of puppetry (table top, glove/rod, shadow, object and marionette) in theatre and on screen since 2014. Aurora is confident with lip-synch and monitor work.


Aurora has a clear singing voice (mezzo/alto) and enjoys singing in various styles. Aurora is an experienced voice over artist and has a home mic set-up.


Aurora enjoys all movement/creature/animal work. Being hypermobile and therefore flexible Aurora particularly enjoys creating inhuman (distorted/contorted) zombie/demonic type movement.

Own Work:

Aurora has a BA in English Literature and Film. She enjoys creating her own puppetry work, and has written, directed and puppeteered several short film including The Fishsticks in 2016, which was screened at the Henson Foundation BAM Kids Film Festival: Shortstack- a festival of puppetry on film in New York.


Aurora then went on to make Preservation in 2019 and Tracks in 2020. She continues to produce content on her Youtube channel:


2023. Masked Creature. Triptych short film. Academy Films, Sophia Ray dir.


2023. Puppeteer of pirate ship walkabout puppet for short film. Judith Hope puppet maker.


2023. Puppeteer. Ramayana puppetry project Diwali tour- Trafalgar Square, Royal Maritime Museum, Great Ormond Street etc.


2023. Puppeteer - Duck. Sarah and Duck's Big Top Birthday  UK Tour, MEI Theatrical.


2023. Puppeteer- Peakaboo Track. Twirlywoos Live  UK Tour. MEI Theatrical.


2023. Puppeteer. Ramayana puppetry project. Ashmolean Museum 'One World Festival'. StoryHour Global.


2022. Doris Day. Christmas Crooners Concert Tour. Stephen Church Productions.


2022. Puppeteer. Ramayana puppetry project. Little Angel Theatre. StoryHour Global.


2022. Puppeteer. Colours of the Deep Puppet Show. London Zoo Summer Events.


2022. Colin the Caterpillar (Skin). Percy Pig's 30th Birthday.


2022. Private Dinosaur Event Mayfair. Puppeteer/Performer. Creature Events.


2022. Laa Laa (Teletubbies). Britain's Got Talent Auditions. Wildbrain.


2021. Elf+ Mrs Claus. The Magic of Christmas. London Zoo.


2021. Puppetry Schools Workshops. The Ramayana Project. Various locations.


2021. Puppeteer/Director. Brush Up! (made for the 'Bristol 48 Hour Puppetry Film Festival').


2021. Puppeteer. Rent-a-Dinosaur. Standon Calling Festival + Epping Ongar Vintage Railway.


2021. Voice Over. Maya. Growing Up. Jordan Huxley Smith.

2020. Voice Over. Zombie. Undisclosed Video Game. PitStop Productions.


2020. Tracks short film. Dir + Puppeteered by Aurora Adams.


2020. Gloves Off Comedy Puppetry Sketch. Dir + Puppeteered by Aurora Adams.


2020. Voice Over. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. 'The Hold' exhibition. Elbow Productions.

2020. Voice Over. President. Verity Weaver Podcast. Audio Hour.

2020. Voice Over. Adrienne. Twelfth Doctor Adventures Podcast (currently recording).


2019. Voice Over. Junie Lau Fashion Film. London College of Fashion.


2019. Puppeteer. Dark Matter tour. Gothenburg Fringe, Sweden + PPLG Conference Thessaloniki, Greece. Dir - Mayra Stergiou.


2019. Puppeteer- Milly. Midsummer Milly, puppetry musical. Bonnet and Belt Productions. Dir - Phil Underwood.

2019. Sprite + Puppeteer. The Glass Dream short film. Dir - Djenaba Davis-Eyo. In post production.

2019. Puppeteer. Dark Matter. Tristan Bates Theatre, A Piece of the Continent Festival. Vertebra Theatre Company. Dir - Mayra Stergiou.


2019. MOCAP- Contorted Creature, Undisclosed Video Game. Centroid/Supermassive Games.


2018. Puppeteer. Marionette Show: Jack and the Beanstalk/Winnie The Pooh. Bespoke Impact. Dir - Ian Stevens. Private Residence, Regents Park.


2018. Puppeteer (Thel). 'The Book of Thel' A New Opera. Three Bridges Theatre. Dir - Peter S Case. St John The Evangelist, Kingston.


2018. Puppeteer. Performance as Process video art installation. Delfina Foundation. Dir - Maria Meinild.

2018. Reiley (v.o) Love in Action stop motion animation. Central Saint Martins. Dir - Lawra Franchito.


2017. Xala/Jenny (v.o) Jenny Star and the Galaxies Podcast Episode 1. SAE Institute. Dir - Gregory Power and Theo Thomas.


2017. Puppeteer.  Dark Matter, Vertebra Theatre Company. Dir - Mayra Stergiou. Tour Details:

      Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Infirmary at Greenside. August 2017.

      Little Angel Theatre. July 2017.

​      Brighton Fringe Festival. Rialto Theatre. June 2017. 

2017. The Fairy (v.o.). Cries in The Night. University For The Creative Arts. Dir - Sam Hulme.


2017. Aurelia (v.o). Eridanus; the 3D Audio Movie. Dir Kristoffer Bübeck. Recorded at SAE Sound Studios.


2016. Elf Tootsie. Dreamworks: Adventure to Santa. Immersive grotto. Eskimo Jo.


2016. Puppeteer. Filmed Rehearsal for Channel 4 documentary 'The World's Most Expensive Toys'. Bespoke Impact.


2016. Puppeteer, Writer and Producer - The Fishsticks short film (in post production).

2016. Puppeteer. Big Emily - large scale puppet parade with Little Angel Theatre.

2016. Puppeteer. Marionette Theatre. Private Residence, Regents Park. Dir Ian Stevens (Bespoke Impact). Ongoing.


2016. Puppeteer - Arlecchino. Requiem For A Puppet. Short Film. LFS. Dir - Emanuele Bonomi.


2015. Shadow Puppeteer. Rocket Princess on Planet Christmas. St John the Evangelist, Kingson. Dir - Peter Case.


2015. Puppeteer. Angeleta and Etelvina, Around the Glove Theatre Company. Clapham Omnibus Theatre, Perception Festival. Dir - Almudena Adalia


2015. Puppeteer. Dark Matter, Vertebra Theatre Company. Clapham Omnibus Theatre, Perception Festival. Dir - Mayra Stergiou.


2015. Puppeteer. Jellicoe's Dispatch, Near Run Thing. Little Angel Theatre, Hatch Festival. Dir - Tom Bloor.


2015. Puppeteer. Dark Matter, Vertebra Theatre Company. ETC Theatre, Camden Fringe Festival. Dir - Mayra Stergiou.


2015.  Puppeteer. R+D for Jellicoe's Dispatch or Mermaids of Jutland, Near Run Thing, Dir - Tom Bloor.


2015. Puppeteer (head) - Angeleta. Angeleta and Etelvina, Around the Glove. Little Angel's Firsts Festival. Dir - Almudena Calvo.


2014. Second Puppeteer - Hayley. Hayley and the Christmas Whale, Hidden Strings Puppet Company. Dir - Peter Case.


2014. Blind Storyteller. Las Maravillas, part of London Horror Festival, The Dreamery, Dir - Dominic Jones.


2014. Puppeteer (head) - Angeleta. Angeleta and Etelvina, Around The Glove. Little Angel's Hatch festival. Dir - Almudena Adalia Calvo.


2014. Puppeteer, Njogel, Third Hand. Tete a Tete Opera Festival. Dir - Stuart Barker, Darren East.


2014. Spring (dancer). Macmillan Legacy Garden, Hampton Court Flower Show, Yellow Room Theatre. Dir - Jo Harris.


2014.  Virgin Mary, Conversations With Mary, Northfield End Productions. Dir - Bill Bowder.

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